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Mix their mead with malice

All was lost on the night you walked

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Name:l o k i

Did you miss me?
Second, third, maybe even the fourth reboot of the ever mischievous,
sometimes evil, sometimes helpful, lying, cheating, chaotic God


Striking green eyes and fire red hair that displays his fire nature
his skin pale with a freckled face and mischievous smile. He holds
a very slight Norwegian accent that ties to his Norse roots of yore,
but those days were so very long ago.

Loki IS a God. He is NOT an Aesir and he will be quick to correct
you on that. Born to Farbauti and Laufey as one of three, Loki was
always destined to something equal parts necessary and gruesome.
Many years ago, before this world knew singular Gods, a war consumed
those in Asgard with Loki at the lead. Assumed to be dead for
thousands of years, he is back in well health.

Loki is Played By Caleb Landry Jones.
Mun is over 18.
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